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Pine Ridge Revival 2020

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Successful Evangelism, with Yves Monnier

"Last Sabbath the Chadron, Nebraska church members had a very special weekend," says Eden. "For the second annual Pine Ridge Revival, guest speaker Yves Monnier came from It Is Written and gave several messages on successful evangelism. The meetings began on Friday night and continued through Sabbath. After a COVID-style fellowship meal, we were able to go door-to-door ourselves and offer Bible studies to people in our community. Twelve people responded that they would like Bible studies, which, including interests from a previous mailing, made for a total of30. Amazingly, as we all reported back afterwards, we were told that one of the church members who had participated had been praying specifically for 30 Bible study interests, and that one of those interests came from a non-Adventist who had just happened to attend the event! We are all looking forward to sharing Jesus more with those around us as we prepare for an evangelistic series in 2021!" says Eden.

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