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Revelation's Urgent Call

When God's people pray for miracles, He always goes beyond our wildest dreams! Last Sabbath (Feb. 20), the last day of the Chadron (NE) church’s prophecy seminar Revelation’s Urgent Call, we were able to see the miracle of a changed life many times over. The series began a month ago with Donovan Kack and his family, and we praised the Lord when 35 people showed up the opening night! Many of those people continued faithfully attending each subsequent evening, and some additional people began attending a couple days in.

Then last Sabbath, as the climax of the prophecy seminar, six people were baptized! Some had been coming to church for years previously, yet others were new to us. It was a special moment for everyone as we welcomed the new members to our church. In the evening, we all came back together for a vespers with music and testimonies. It was amazing to hear of God’s leading in various peoples’ journeys through the years. Some had been friends with church members for 20 years; others only came because they received the flyer for the series in the mail.

Revelation’s Urgent Call has been great inreach as well as outreach. We have seen a revival in our own members, as well as the six baptisms last Sabbath, but it doesn’t end there. Four others are studying for baptism, and about twelve additional people are interested in continued Bible study. We also plan to follow up with all the people who missed some nights of the series and offer them the series on video. We are all excited to continue seeing God’s working up close!

Photos by Alden Ho

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