Pine Ridge Revival Weekend

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Weekend Schedule - August 2019

Presented by our guest speaker: Scott Ritsema




7:00 PM  -  Evening Meeting

"The Disappearing Childhood" 




9:30 AM  -  Sabbath School

"Antisocial Media"


There will be a Sabbath School class for children under 12 in Fellowship Hall

11:00 AM  -  Church Service

"How to be Human Again"


We invite all, who would like to bring their instruments, to play

during the song service at the beginning of the Sabbath Church Service.

Visiting children are welcome to join our local church kids as they sing the first two verses of "I Will Early Seek the Savior" , #539 in the hymnal, for Special Music.

1:00 PM  -  Haystack Lunch

(provided by the Chadron SDA Church)

2:15 PM  -  Afternoon Program

"Conformed to the Counterfeit Reality" 

4:30 PM - Documentary Film


5:30 PM  -  Sandwich & Salad Supper

(provided by the Chadron SDA Church)

6:15 PM  -  Q & A

6:30/6:45 PM - Evening Meeting

"How to Escape the Pleasure Trap"

8:10 PM - Dismissal

(DVD's Available in the Foyer)


Additional options for families with young children: 

  • Our church has a small "Mother's Room", especially for nursing infants. Privacy glass looks into the sanctuary, sound and light can be adjusted. 

  • The Fellowship Hall will be available during all the meetings. Its adjoins the sanctuary and will have the live presentations projected on a large screen, as will as sound through the speaker system. 

  • Unfortunately, with our church being new construction, we don't have grassy/shady places to let the kids stretch their legs. If a parent needs to give their children a break from meetings, we suggest Wilson Park (in town) or Chadron State Park (with a NE State Park pass).