Pine Ridge Revival Weekend

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Weekend Schedule - August 2020

Presented by our guest speaker: Yves Monnier




7:00 PM  -  Evening Meeting

"Successfull Evangelism: Where it all Starts" 




9:30 AM  -  Sabbath School

"Successfull Evangelism: Doing it Well"


There will be a Sabbath School classes for children under 12

in their regular classrooms

11:00 AM  -  Church Service

"Successfull Evangelism: The Journey"


We invite all, who would like to bring their instruments, to play

during the song service at the beginning of the Sabbath Church Service.

Fellowship Lunch

(provided by the Chadron SDA Church)

2:30 PM  -  Afternoon Program

"Successfull Evangelism: Experiencing it Firsthand" 

Fellowship Supper

(provided by the Chadron SDA Church)

6:30 PM - Evening Meeting

"Successfull Evangelism: Closing the Backdoor"


Additional options for families with young children: 

  • Our church has a small "Mother's Room", especially for nursing infants. Privacy glass looks into the sanctuary, sound can be adjusted. 

  • The Fellowship Hall will be available during all the meetings. Its adjoins the sanctuary and will have the live presentations projected on a large screen, as will as sound through the speaker system.